12 Best Hair Sprays

2013-02-21 16:10:12

12 Best Hair Sprays

If hairspray makes you think of sky-high styles and crunchy curls it’s time to revisit this classic.

Hairspray: It’s a word that conjures up so many images—most of them outdated.

Consider gravity-defying styles like the beehive, pompadour, über-teased bangs, and big 80's hair; all impossible without this sticky aerosol fixative.  Hairsprays of the past did the job of holding hair in its place—perhaps too well—making these spritzes synonymous with helmet head, hard-to-wash-out lacquers, a crunchy, gummy texture and alcohol-based formulas.

But those days are over.  There are so many tricks today’s hairsprays can do—from hold to height and humidity protection—that this ‘80s staple is back in rotation.