We're celebrating 15 years since the launch of NaturallyCurly, and who better reminisce with than our very first advertiser, Curly Hair Solutions! They purchased a tiny little ad on the original version of NaturallyCurly.com, and we've been curlfriends ever since. Steve and Jonathan Torch shared their thoughts on these 15 years with us.

1.   How has NaturallyCurly influenced you?

Jonathan Torch - When I first started to do Internet research on curly hair, I was fascinated at the curl forum I found on Naturallycurly.com. I understand how hard it is to moderate a forum and I was impressed with the professionalism of the moderation. There was a wealth of information from curly heads from all over the world in harmony helping each other, offering tips and pointers. I see it as the birthplace for the underground movement of curly hair. As a huge fan I participated regularly and followed the questions and answers religiously. That forum is still a great place to hear honest feedback.  We have been able to learn so much from Curltalk and transfer that into our day-to-day operations to help create the right formulas, tools and techniques for all types of curly hair.

Steve Torch - The support and love we have felt from Michelle and the entire team at Naturallycurly has been a major factor in our success here at Curly Hair Solutions and Frizzoff.com.  As the authority on curly hair for the last 15 years, Naturallycurly has provided so many ideas, platforms and innovating breakthroughs which have paved the way for many new and major brands to emerge.  Although this has created a fiercely competitive industry, it has also made Curly Hair hugely popular and propelled the industry into the mainstream spotlight.  We look forward to our continued partnership and common goal of making every curly head out there proud to be curly, and realize that naturally curly hair is something to embrace.  

2.   What's one curl lesson you've learned?

Jonathan Torch - One of the first lessons I learned that has stuck with me forever and I believe to be very true is "Curly Hair is Moody.”  This statement is only appreciated by curly heads as they know how unpredictable a head of curly hair can be from day to day. What this means is that there are no two curls that are the same.  Curls can feel like either being difficult or easy to manage, and it is important that someone knows how to manage their curls no matter what the condition is.  Factors that can affect your curls are different climates, hormonal changes, products used, styling techniques used and many other varying factors.

I respect all the curlies out there for wearing their curls natural and for embracing their individuality. Lastly, I believe that "you don't have to cut your hair to keep it healthy."