Celebrate With Us!

This month is our 15th Anniversary at NaturallyCurly and what better way to celebrate than with our curly community - you! We're going to have a party on Monday September 23, and we'd love if you could come share this special day with us.


September 23rd, 3:00pm CST


On YouTube!


Join co-founder Michelle Breyer and the whole NaturallyCurly team as we celebrate 15 years! We'll all be here to answer your curly questions live. Just leave your questions as YouTube comments!

Watch the Video

How to take part:

Follow NaturallyCurly on Facebook or Twitter to keep updated on the event.

Go to the NaturallyCurlydotcom YouTube on September 23rd at 3:00pm CST, where you will see a live video streaming our event.

Please note:

You don't need a Google+ or a YouTube account just to watch our event. But if you want to leave us comments and questions, you'll need to have a YouTube account.