2 Ways Michelle Keegan Is Making Waves This Summer

2014-08-06 14:41:16

2 Ways Michelle Keegan Is Making Waves This Summer

This summer, it's smooth coasting for the newbie fashion designer and wavy-haired actress Michelle Keegan.

michelle keegan wavy hair

As her fashion career revs up this summer, English actress Michelle Keegan shows off her big, tousled waves while making a pit stop to the clothing store where her new collection, Lipsy Love Michelle Keegan, will be shown. The collection first appeared to the public in the beginning of July and with a wedding in the works, it seems as if this natural beauty is having a big year. 

The starlet rocked a royal blue pencil skirt paired with a matching crop top as she strolled around the Trafford Centre in Manchester, England, before making a quick costume change into a sexy androgynous fitted suit accompanied with stunning open-toe heels and mint green toes. Oh yeah, and that humongous rock on her ring finger, given to her by British TV personality Mark Wright.

Keegan tweeted how shocked she was at the outcome of fans and supporters of her new collection that day: "so overwhelmed with the amazing turn out today in Liverpool!"

Catch more glimpses of the wavy-haired bombshell on her Instagram @MichelleKeegan and Twitter @michkeegan


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