Check out the hottest curly hairstyles that you need to try now! See the hottest colors, styles and accessories.


The recession dictated curly hairstyles last year. Remember the low-maintenance locks and embrace of the frizz for big texture? Savvy women attempted to cut costs (pushing appointments, do it yourself products and color) by embracing their natural texture and color and getting creative with products. Each season looks to promise some new looks and some spending. Today is all about strong cuts and color. And we're not talking about any change of shade, but a dramatic, head turning change. Strong colors like blonde and red are being seen everywhere. Styles and cuts are seeing big change too!

First let’s talk color, bold color is theme this year! Red and blonde are the hottest colors this season.

Red is hot for spring along with sun kissed locks. Everyone is rocking red tones, whether your natural color is dark or light, adding a red undertone will make your hair super stylish!

red type 2 hair

Red type 2 hair

red type 3 hair

Red type 3 hair

red type 4 hair

Red type 4 hair

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is making its way back onto the scene as well. Adding some strawberry blond highlights to a dark look is fetching this season. Beautiful strawberry blonde highlights can look great in dark hair as well—they add that little extra! These highlights will look great on hair base of golden blonde, yellow blonde, red, light auburn and dark auburn. Get around 8-12 streaks in your hair to start then add more as the summer gets closer!

strawberry type 2 hair

Strawberry type 2 hair

strawberry type 3 hair

Strawberry type 3 hair

strawberry type 4 hair

Strawberry type 4 hair

Platinum Blonde

Hello Blondie! Going platinum is another popular look we are seeing, though you’ll need some serious deep treatments to protect those curly locks. We recommend you use a deep treatment each time you wash for the first few weeks of your new platinum locks. This will use up a lot of conditioner but your curls will be stronger and shiner than ever! This is a drastic and high maintenance change for a lot of women, but may be worth the extra effort this season. Platinum locks look great with all skin tones. Talk with your stylist about which shade of platinum would look best on you!

platinum type 2 hair

Platinum type 2 hair

platinum type 3 hair

Platinum type 3 hair

platinum type 4 hair

Platinum type 4 hair

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I want to know a step by step way we can get these hairdoos