Check out the hottest curly hairstyles that you need to try now! See the hottest colors, styles and accessories.


Now let’s talk style! We are seeing some of the same trends from last year—but modified! Check out the hottest styles.

big hair

Big hair!

Pump up your volume! Big hair is BIG this season. Curly hairstyles often look best when they have sufficient volume so we are happy to see big hair as a spring trend. Rock your big hair this season. Kinky hair types – rock your fro big and proud! Tighter curls, make sure to use products that remove build up—less moisture often leads to more volume.

messy hair look

Get messy.

Rock a Messy Look! Messy waves/curls are the hottest trend. These are easy for us curly girls as they don’t require much work. The idea behind the messy wave or curl is that you don’t look like you’ve spent hours on your hair—that "I’ve just rolled out of bed" look. It’s a sexy but fun look. An easy way to rock this look with curls is to have second or third day hair—refresh slightly with a sea salt spray for that added messy look. Check out this article on how to get a messy bun.

long braids

Braided. Check. Sexy. Check.

Woven Locks! Braids of all kinds are a must have this season. Curls braided are sexy and easy to achieve. Rock any kind of braid this season and you’ll be stylish. Fish tails are fun and look amazing with curls. To get the best look, braid your hair when it’s dry and braid loosely for the best look. See other stories on braids. Read our article, How to Change Up Your Curls.

curly part

Do your part!

Take your part to an extreme! Extreme side parts are the easiest look to achieve this season as all you’ll need is a comb. While your hair is wet—create an extreme side part and style accordingly. Check out this video on how to style with a side part.

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I want to know a step by step way we can get these hairdoos