Need some ideas for easy holiday hairstyles? Check out these 3 DIY 'dos that can be accomplished in 10 minutes each.

Every year there are several holiday parties that you attend. Some you have to; some you get to, but for each one of them, you want to look your best. Most people curl their hair for events like this, so you are already half way there! If you are like me, you get stuck wearing your hair down far too often and parties give you a chance to change up your style a bit. Anna from Trashy Roots Salon & Spa in Round Rock, TX, helped me create these three simple DIY looks that you can wear to any party this holiday season.

Fish Tail Updo:

This sophisticated look is great for wavy, unruly and frizzy hair.

Fishtail One

  • To create this couture look, tease out your entire head and spray all over with an aerosol hairspray.
  • Fishtail Two

  • Pull out a section in the front and clip aside, this will be French braided across the head.
  • Take the top crown section and from ear to ear and tease heavily.
  • Twist each side inward and use bobby pins to secure in place.
  • Fishtail Three
  • The bottom section will be the fish tail. Grab uneven pieces to give it a messier look.

  • To fish tail: Gather the hair into a pony tail and split it in half. Start with the left half, take a piece from the outside of the section and cross it over to the right side.
  • Fishtail Four

  • Do the same thing with the right half by taking a piece over to the left. Alternate back and forth until you run out of hair.
  • Fishtail Five

  • If you want the messy and unfinished look, take a boar-bristle paddle brush and run it over the fish tail. Spray all over again with hair spray.
  • Fishtail Six
    Fishtail Seven
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Alyssa Hawkins

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I'm tired of all the special do's for curlies with long, thick hair. If you have hair like that, whatever you do looks great. Where are the style ideas for those of us with shorter, thinner, fine hair? We need help with updo's too!

These are cute ideas :) I think I may try to experiment with some of these, or something like it sometime soon. Amanda posted a good suggestion; the pictures are good, but wouldn't mind seeing some example videos too!

I feel like the descriptions are very vague and hard to understand, videos of the styles being done would be more instructive.