Tousled waves are the perfect look for Summer! They are very easy to achieve and once you style them, they are virtually fuss free for days. Whether you are heading to the beach or to a bonfire or just going shopping, this style is so fun and pretty.  You can even add a flower or hair accessory to top off your look. No matter your hair type, I have three easy ways for you to achieve the pretty beach babe wave look!

1. Sleep in twists, braid it, bun it, twist it, or pineapple.

Wash your hair at night. A bonus step would be to use deep conditioner and not rinse it out so you are a nice mega treatment going on (Devacurl Heaven in Hair is a good pick) Remove all tangles with a wide tooth comb or tangle teezer and choose the amount of braids or buns you sleep in. The less braids or buns, the bigger the waves! For example, doing two braids, only one per side would result in the loosest flowy-est of waves, where three or four braids per side will make smaller waves. The next morning when you wake up, under the braids but don't comb them out. If there is a little frizz, you can run a finishing serum through your hair. I like to use the Nubian Heritage Strengthen and Grow Serum- and a little goes a long way!

2. Use a curl extending styler.

These are great to stretch out tighter curls. There are a few curl extending creams on the market now including Curly Hair Solutions Extenzz and Original Moxie Shape Shifter Re-Forming Cream. These creams allow you to temporarily change and manipulate your curl pattern without any damage or harsh chemicals. Your hair will return back to its natural state with your next washing. You just apply the cream on wet hair post shower and then with your fingers shape the hair into the size of waves you want. Allow hair to dry (air or diffusing) and do not disrupt the shape of the waves until it is 100% dry.

3. Use sea salt spray.

You know that awesome beachy, wavy texture your hair gets after swimming in the ocean? You  can recreate it easily, sans the shore. There are many sea salt sprays on the market now, it is nice to find one which have added moisturizers, as the salt alone can be really drying for your hair. Just like the other 2 suggestions, these will be removed with your next shampoo. Similar to step 2, wash your hair as normal and remove tangles. Then liberally use the spray section by section scrunching--but not too much! They key to get nice, looser waves is not to over scrunch because a lot of scrunching will result in more curl definition (not that there is anything wrong with that) The Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray is a great sea salt spray to try.

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