With waves and curls you generally put a lot of effort into styling them after your shower. Having to do that every day would keep many from actually wearing their curls. Luckily there are many ways to sleep with your hair overnight to allow you to only have to go through that work once to get days of curls.  My routine for keeping my hair is simple but still effective.

1. Add Moisture

When sleeping, your hair can lose a lot of the moisture you try to give it during the day. Help prevent this by sleeping with a satin pillowcase. And to keep as much frizz away as possible, add a light oil at night before I sleep. I prefer using either coconut or argan oil, only using a very small amount (about a dime size”>. Then, flip your curls over and run it down your hair with flat palms. This is also a great time to give yourself a little scalp massage to encourage circulation and it’s quite relaxing.

2. Pineapple

You hear about this method everywhere and there is one simple reason why. It works! I do a slightly modified version because my hair is generally not thick enough to stay on top of my head in a loose ponytail. Create a very loose bun on the top of my head using a scrunchie so there is less chance of dents in the morning. A regular hair band will work as well, though. One important note for doing this method is that when you have shorter curls, you will have many of the bottom layer that will fall out if it doesn’t reach all the way, an easy solution to this is to use bobby pins to hold them up.

3. Cover them up.

While I didn’t find this as necessary when I had longer curls, I find my shorter curls are quick to try to get out of order! Using either a satin sleep cap or a scarf over them at night time can help fend off frizz. When choosing a satin sleep cap you want to look for one that will be comfortable for you. I find that a wider elastic band squeezes less and is less noticeable feeling while you are sleeping. Another option is to use a tie that you can tie yourself, rather than an elastic band. This gives you the freedom to wear it as tight or as loose as works for you.

Your nighttime routine doesn’t have to be complex!

A nighttime routine doesn’t have to be complex in order to work, it just has to be something you are willing to do every night before bed. The best way to get great second and third day hair is to remember that your curls need just as much care overnight as they do during the day.

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