As a well-trained shopper, it is easy to spot a good deal from a mile away. But every so often it can be tempting to stray from good deals to buy that object that you simply need. Hair products can be extremely easy to splurge on because when you come across something that can tame/moisturize/refresh your curls, you need to try it. For this reason we put together a list of products that you can splurge on and feel great about because they are worth every single penny.

1. Curlisto Unruly Paste

This product is great to help control your frizz as well as define your curls. It works best after you diffuse your hair or wait for it to air dry. Not only will it tame your curls and frizz, but it will also add a great shine if you feel your hair is looking dull. One of the greatest things about this product: it doesn’t leave your hair feeling weighed down. ($22 for 2 oz.”>

2. Miss Jessie’s Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo

You’re right, this isn’t the most expensive shampoo in the world, but if you are used to buying shampoo from a grocery store, this can seem like a lot. Many curlies spend a long time finding a shampoo that works great for them. Save yourself the trouble and start with this one. It’s a great option if you still want or need the suds when shampooing. This shampoo doesn’t leave behind a residue and is also great at removing build-up without taking the time to deep condition. Not to mention the green apple scent is very pleasant without being overpowering. ($14 for 8 oz.”>

3. HerCut Curly Long Layers Catalyst

One of HerCut’s main goals is to give you “first day” looking hair every day of the week. The Long Layers Catalyst works great as a styling product and if you use enough of it you won’t need anything else to perfect your look. This is another product that leaves a great shine in your hair and a bounce to your curl. If you don’t have long layers, this product also comes as HerCut Curly Bob Catalyst. ($28 for 3.4 oz.”>

4. Wen Fig Cleansing Conditioner

This cleansing conditioner is meant to take the place of your shampoo while still giving you clean and moisturized curls. If you are doing a no-shampoo routine this just might be exactly what you have been looking for. This is another product where the scent is fantastic without making you smell like fig all day long. ($14 for 6 oz. or $28 for 16 oz.”>