Say goodbye to playful, fun summer holiday hair in approximately 6 weeks when the season ends. You are not alone–we are all in mourning here, too. Before it’s time to go back to school and return to your safe, everyday hustle and bustle hairstyle routine, try one of these 4 popular summer trends–perfect for textured hair.


Unraveled Mini Twists

If you are so over the chunky Marley and Havana twists look, go for this half-done box braids style. Not only does it look totally natural, but there are so many ways to play it up; sprinkle some glitter on top of your head and channel your inner Zoe Kravitz rock star for a few weeks.

Follow this easy DIY for making your very own hair glitter using only 4 tools. Yes, one of them is glitter.


Cruella De Vil Hair

Even if it isn’t black and white, play with two colors you have thought about trying. If you aren’t looking for a long term hair color commitment, go to Walgreens and grab a temporary hair spray paint bottle. Better make it two. The middle part never looked this edgy. Even if you are not fond of the look after trying it, simply wash out and go back to the usual you that we all know and love.

Get the good–and inexpensive–stuff

Jerome Russell B Wild has an array of exotic, not (usually”> found in nature hues for your bold end-of-summer hair experiment.


Minnie Mouse Ears

Who says this style has an age limit? All the cool kids are doing it. But all the amazing women are, too. Play up the ears with your own pop of sophistication–slick your super fine baby hairs down and add a fierce must-see accessory (like Myleik and her sunnies, pictured”>. Show everyone you can be playful and still sexily unique.

Where to get them

AliExpresshas some adult-friendly Minnie Mouse ears headband priced reasonably (because, after all, we still have big people bills to pay”>.


Copper Loc Rings

Ok, so this isn’t quite a hairstyle trend, but rather a hairstyle accessory that has been around for some time. In 2015, loc rings have sort of gained the right amount of mainstream shine–while still reserved for the bold, quirky, awesome naturals who want to adorn their crown of glory.

Where to get them

Locks & Bonds has a pretty dope collection of silver, copper, and aluminum mini beads and rings.

Which was your favorite hair trend of summer 2015?

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