Every season it seems like we're hearing about new miracle ingredients targeted to curly, coily, or wavy textured hair. Previously there was a shortage of good things for us, now it feels like an overflow, sometimes making it hard to tell what really works. These 4 ingredients have regained popularity and will have your hair looking its best, ever.

Pink Himalayan Salt


China, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan Bhutan, Afghanistan, and India are all home to pure pink Himalayan salt. But it's not just a great food presentation for upscale restaurants. Himalayan salt is naturally antimicrobial and contains over 80 minerals that our hair and skin needs to thrive. Use it as a scrubbing curl bath for severe color and heat damaged hair that needs a fresh start. It will deeply remove dead skin, dandruff, and product or dirt build-up from the scalp and skin. According to Empowered Sustenance, when mixed with water, pink Himalayan salt detoxifies by balancing the pH, and promotes regular hair growth by stimulating the blood flow to the follicles.

It's important to note that when creating your own DIY mix combining pink Himalayan salt and water, mixing with a metal spoon or storing in a jar with a metal lid is not advised, as the metal will oxidize. Dry salt will work fine, just keep it in mind if you want a pure recipe that doesn't essentially rust and harm your scalp, hair, or skin.

Pistachio Oil


According to Natural Oils For Hair, this oil has a bright green hue and has a strong, distinctive flavor and smell. In regards to haircare, pistachio oil contains vital things like ceramide, vitamin E, linoleic acid, biotin, and other fatty acids. When used regularly as part of your natural hair regimen, this oil is known to strengthen your strands, preventing excessive breakage and split ends. Your curls, coils, and waves will also be bouncier and more defined after sealing with pistachio oil. The high biotin content helps to ease the natural hair loss side effects that some health conditions, medicines, and of course genetics can cause. 

Not only does pistachio oil fights frizz and promotes hair growth, but it is also called a natural split end 'mender', with the ability to combine hair fibers together to temporarily seal your damaged or split ends until the next time you get a trim. It also makes textured and very coarse hair feel softer with its omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids.

Bhringraj Extract

Out of all the popular traditional Ayurvedic herbs, this plant extract one is most known for its hair growth encouraging abilities. According to Natural Living Ideas, Bhringraj also goes by the names maka, Eclipta alba or bhringrajis on product labels. It is often mixed with neem or henna for a natural color-enhancing hair and scalp recipe. It is most commonly sold in powder form, though it can also be found as a capsule or oil. It can be added to the cleanser you currently use for added benefits of ridding the scalp of toxins, dirt, and product build-up from gel or creams. 

Bhringraj also aids those with premature gray hair, as it can be mixed with Ayurvedic hair treatments to balance the Pitta. Regular monthly use in a hair mask or oil treatment will result in rejuvenated, stronger hair and scalp that reflects light better and is naturally shiny and defined.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflowers don't just make for a pretty backdrop or welcoming centerpieces at a dinner table, but they provide a number of benefits to the hair, too. This flower is native to Russia, Ukraine, and Argentina, but now found all over the world. According to Organic Facts, sunflower extracted as an oil has a good source of antioxidants like vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids, helping to regenerate cells and improve the look and feel of over-processed hair. Sunflower oil strengthens the membrane barriers of skin and scalp, lessening the chance of harmful bacterial and fungal infections.

While the fatty acid content in sunflower oil makes it a top choice for those seeking an effective ingredient to cater to their thinning hair, it's higher than most other vegetable oils. Whether you apply it directly to your roots and scalp as a pre-poo or hot oil treatment, or onto your skin for elasticity and glow, a little amount will get you far. It's great for color-treated hair, as it contains Phospholipids, which protects hair from experiencing further dryness or breakage in the sunlight (which means lower chance of premature color fading if you're outside a lot).