beer for your hair

It’s a lot easier to damage your hair than it is to repair it. But with the right tools and hair remedies, you can reverse the damage you have done over your life and get back on track to having the perfect curls you have always wanted. So, instead of looking for split ends or thinking about how dehydrated your curls are, read on and find out ways to bring your curls back to life!

1. Hair Rinses

To be specific, vinegar and beer rinses for your hair! Beer is wonderful to use to replenish the moisture in your hair, while vinegar works wonders for shine. When doing either rinse, simply coat your hair with them and let sit for a few minutes. When ready, rinse your hair with cold water. Not only is cold water good for rinsing the hair, but it will also help get rid of the smell!

2. Hair Oils

Oils are great for styling and finishing your hair while also making your hair feel and look healthier. Oils help condition and moisturize your scalp, promoting hair growth. You can also do hot oil treatments by taking your favorite oil, like coconut oil, and heating it in a plastic bag. Once heated, apply the oil and wrap your hair in a shower cap. Allow the oil to do its magic for about 10-15 minutes, then rinse. You will be well on your way to healthy locks!

3. Deep Conditioners

Moisture is needed for healthy and manageable curly hair, so if you are lacking moisture, look for a good conditioner. Deep conditioners and hair oils are also great for keeping away frizz, detangling curls and repairing damaged curly hair.

4. A Good Haircut

Sometimes, what your curls need most is simply a good haircut. Often during a transition to natural hair, there is nothing that good products can do unless you cut off your damaged curly hair. For some, it means going for a big chop and for others it just means getting rid of a few inches. No matter which one you do, it will be liberating and you will be on your way to the curls you have been dreaming of. Do you have any other methods or products you use to repair damaged curly hair?

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