Here are some great no-heat styling methods for wavy hair that will enhance your waves.

2. Sock Bun Technique

This particular method of styling is all the rage for some wavies. It’s incredibly easy and it yields curly spirals that look like they took hours of effort.

  • Take a stretchy dress sock and cut off the tip where your toes would go.
  • Roll the sock to make a “sock donut.”
  • Pull your hair up into a pony tail on top of your head (it’s very important that it sits at the top of your head).
  • Spray your ponytail with water so that it’s damp.
  • Pull your hair through the sock donut and roll your hair over the donut so that you create a bun.
  • Sleep on it and when you wake up, remove the sock from your hair.
  • Ruffle your curls and apply a strong hold hair spray.

Credit for the sock bun goes to Loepsie on YouTube. You can watch her video here!

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Susonnah Gonzalez

Hi! I'm Susonnah Gonzalez. I write, work and live in Austin, TX. I began my wavy hair journey in college, which is when I really began to explore the needs of wavy hair and the products that work best with it. Every day is different with my hair but every day I learn something new!