In honor of the season of love, we wanted to take a moment to remind you why you should love your curls day after day. So often during this month we focus on those that we love and we forget that we have to love ourselves just as much. So take a moment to reflect on why you love that curly hairstyle of yours.

  1. They are unique

    Every curl is as unique as you are and that is one thing to love about curly hair. Curls come in all textures and lengths and nobody’s curl is ever the same as someone else’s. I love to remind myself that anyone can have straight hair, but not everyone can wake up in the morning with natural curls. Plus, your curly hairstyles can be different each day, depending on the weather and the products you use.

  2. They help you smell great

    That’s right; smell great. Think about the products you use on a daily basis. One of the things that probably attracted you to it was the good scent. That scent is with you most of the day and knowing that someone could smell your curly locks and think “Wow! That smells nice” is something I know I can appreciate.

  3. They can help you bond

    You are on and the CurlTalk message boards because you wanted a place to find all kinds of information about your curls and talk with other people about their experiences. Having curly hair makes you part of a family whose members can relate to each other and help each other out when they are dealing with issues like second-day hair. You couldn’t go to a straight-haired girl for that.

  4. No hairbrushes or combs required

    One of my favorite things about having curly hair is the fact that I don’t have to spend the extra money on brushes and combs. I can use that money to feed my product addiction instead! The only things I need to detangle my curls are my fingers, and those are free. It’s nice knowing that I can walk right past the isle of brushes and combs and not worry about spending a dollar.

  5. Healthy hair is here to stay

    In my opinion, the absolute best thing about being natural is the simple fact that once you go natural, your healthy hair is here to stay. You don’t have to worry about constantly damaging you hair with heat or relaxers because you can get up every morning and be satisfied with your curls. The more consistent you are with healthy hair treatments the better your hair will look.


Photo Alyssa Redenti. You can vote for her in the American Eagle Live Your Life Campaign here

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