Hand in hair syndrome is a disorder where people with all types of hair can’t keep their hands out of their hair. They pull at their curls, brush their hair too much, touch their hair when its drying, twirl it around their fingers, and other acts of over-manipulation. Here is a guide on how to keep hand in hair syndrome at bay.

Hand in hair syndrome can result in bad symptoms such as weaker hair, split ends, and breakage.

All of these things make it hard to maintain healthy curls and/or retain hair length.

1. Take a good look in the mirror before you leave the house.

Sometimes, you may touch you hair for a few reasons. Maybe you're nervous about your appearance. You feel like you have pieces of hair that are out of place so you'll constantly try to fix it. Stop this problem by keeping a compact mirror on you at all times so you can check discreetly, even whenever you're out in public.

2. Never ever ever brush your hair when it is not sopping wet with conditioner.

Brushing hair while it's dry causes breakage and split ends. This is because your hair curls and twists around itself and you are ripping the knots out with your brush. When a lot of conditioner is used, the slip that is necessary to safely detangle allows you to detangle the hair without ripping pieces off.

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3. Style your hair while you are in the shower.

Apply a leave-in while your hair is still soaking wet. That way you are not manipulating your hair when it’s dry so it does not break easily. Do not touch it once you are done styling it or it will frizz up.

4. Avoid mindless tasks.

A lot of the time when I wear my hair down, I find myself playing with my hair absent mindedly while I’m doing things like watching TV or surfing the internet. Whenever I’m doing more engaging things I feel more aware of my actions and I’m more effectively able to stop myself from playing with my hair.

5. Put your hair up.

Pull your hair in a ponytail or bun to stop yourself from pulling and twisting it. When your hair is up, you have to do more to reach it and hopefully this will make you more aware of what you are subconsciously doing so you can consciously put in an effort to stop yourself.

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