Dull hair can be a result of a number of factors--local dew points, harsh chemicals from products you use, going too long without a trim, among other things. Luckily, we have these all-natural ingredients that, when used regularly in your regimen, can add strength and shine to a dull head of curls. And really, any hair type can benefit from these as part of a healthy diet!

1. Maca Root

This Incan superfood promotes keratinocyte to the hair bulb, protecting and maintaining it for additional strength through the elements of the weather, brushing, and detangling. Take it as a supplement first thing in the morning for your best results. For a full list of benefits for your hair and skin and a delicious smoothie recipe, check out this article.

2. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

With this oil, the uses vary from fading scars to thickening eyebrow hair. Use a small amount along your hairline/edges to promote thicker, shinier hair. But the benefits don't stop at your hair, castor oil can be used for everything from wrinkles to acne to even decreasing joint inflammation. Check out our infographic of 8 ways to use JBCO. And if you're looking to try castor oil for the first time, join thousands of other women in the HeyCurlie Castor Oil Challenge

3. Illipe Butter

As an ingredient in many popular hair and skin moisturizers, this butter restores elasticity to the hair and has been known to be provide long-lasting hydration to parched hair. Its moisture benefits make it a perfect ingredient to adopt during the cold winter months, when your hair and skin are feeling parched.  Find out how else to incorporate Illipe butter into your beauty routine.

4. Amla Powder

In oil form, Amla may reduce the chance of hair loss and baldness due to its carotene content, which blocks free radicals from damaging hair follicles. In addition to fighting hair loss (as if that wasn't reason enough) it can help with cramps, your immune system and more. It comes in powder, capsule and oil form, as well as in hair products. For a list of hair products and to learn more about the benefits of Amla, read here.

5. Avocado

This hair superfood is high in vitamins B and E, working at the cellular level to protect, strengthen, and improve the hair's elasticity. Avocado can be a little tricky to wash out of your hair, so you'll definitely want to use a blender for this one. Read here for a DIY Hair Loss Mask.

6. Pomegranate

The oil from this fruit's seeds helps coat the hair shaft and provides a natural, healthy sheen. This super fruit has a wide range of benefits from sun protection to fertility and weight loss, read here for a comprehensive list of ways you can improve your hair and your health by eating these powerful seeds.  

Which ingredients do you use to boost your curls' natural sheen?