Are you new to the NaturallyCurly world? If so, we understand that it can be overwhelming. You read terms like baggy, clumping, pre-poo, pineapple, plop, scrunch, and shingle and have no idea of what they mean. You talked and we listened. Always wondered how your hair crush achieves her moisturized, frizz-free curls? Here are seven must-know techniques that are perfect for wash day.

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: to dry one’s hair with a t-shirt in order to expedite drying time and reduce frizz.

Curlies use a variety of different tools to plop, like microfiber towels, a t-shirt, a pillowcase or a veil net. Any of those can work, it’s just about finding what works for you.


: an oil, conditioner, or mixture of both that is applied to the hair prior to washing your hair in order to reduce the amount of moisture depletion.

: to saturate one’s hair in an oil, conditioner, or mixture of both in order to reduce the risk of moisture depletion before the washing process.


: a means of loosely tying one’s hair atop his or her head in order to prevent tangles and preserve a hairstyle overnight. Be sure to use a loose scrunchie or hair band so as not to create a dent in your curls.

: to loosely tie one’s hair atop his or her head to prevent tangles and preserve a hairstyle overnight.

Knowing and using the pineapple technique is critical to retaining length, but it also keeps your curls from looking flat and lifeless in the morning.


: to use one’s fingers to thoroughly distribute product throughout the hair, especially to enhance curl definition.

This technique is important for applying your styler or leave-in throughout the curls so that they are all evenly coated, and helps “clump” curls together.


: to impart moisture into the hair by applying a small amount of moisturizer to the hair, primarily the ends, covering it with a plastic processing cap, and allowing it to sit for at least 15 min.

This is a great way to amp up your favorite deep conditioning treatment.


: to gather small sections of your hair in your hands and delicately squish it an upward motion to either encourage curl clumping or to release the holding caste from a styling product.

Many curlies with looser curls and waves use this technique to help their  hair form defined curls and ringlets.


: to glide hair through one’s palms in a downward motion to encourage natural curl alignment and clumping for more definition and less frizz.

This is also known as smoothing, and is similar to the Praying Hands method of applying product. When your curls are not separating into defined curls, coils or waves it is because they are not clumping.