These are the curly stylers we'd want if stranded on a desert island.

Throughout the year we remind ourselves of the many things for which we are grateful. For example, the support of our tight knit curly community! Then there are the products that have altered our curly hair journeys for the better. Those desert island products for which we are eternally grateful.

Here are the top eight curly and wavy hair products we found most curlies to be most grateful for year-round:


Shea moisture Curl Enhancing smoothie is by far a number 1 HOLY GRAIL!!! I love the scent, the texture, the packaging, and the PRICE!!! Plus it's a Natural based product and is widely available, which definitely makes this product a 5 star winner!!!

I most definitely am grateful for shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and the kinky curly curling custard :) love 'em! xo Mo ~