As a wavy-curly girl, one of the biggest struggles is getting my curl pattern to look defined and enhanced, especially since there are quite a few things that can disrupt it.

1. Touching your hair while it's still drying

I find this to be especially true if you like to air dry. Aside from creating frizz, touching your hair at a time that it is the weakest can ruin your curl pattern and make it prone to manipulation when wet. I know, it’s hard, but try keeping your hands off your hair until it is completely dry.

2. Using products that are too heavy

Some finer-haired curlies may find that heavier products weigh their hair down easily. Using these products can cause hair is not look at bouncy and defined, and instead look too stringy, limp or product-y (yes, we just made that a word). If you think this may happen to you, lightweight products may be more ideal.

3. Using too much product and being heavy-handed

This is one I am super guilty of doing too often and ruining what would have otherwise been excellent hair days. Even if a product is lightweight and marketed to your hair type, more is not necessarily better. It takes some experimentation to find the perfect amount, but using too much of any product can make hair look weighed down and undefined.

4. Brushing your hair

I mean, do I even have to go into details with this one? Brushing your curls--especially when dry--will absolutely disrupt the curl pattern.

5. Certain ingredients

Our hair reacts differently to different ingredients inside products. Many type 2 wavy girls' hair don't play nice with sulfates, non water-soluble silicones and polyquats. I have also read that some curlies do not react well to too much protein, waxes or specific butters. This is another individual situation where with experimentation you can see what ingredients your hair may or may not like. Several factors that may help determine this include curl pattern, porosity and density.

6. Terrycloth towels

Using a microfiber towel or cotton towel is significantly better for curl patterns. Terrycloth towels have rougher fibers which can affect your hair’s cuticle, leading to frizz, disrupted curls, and even breakage.

7. The weather

The time of year and weather makes such a difference in those with wavy-curly patterns. During winter when the air is colder and very dry, curls often droop and do not look as bouncy and defined as they do in warmer months with higher humidity. I find going in with the Q-Redew Hair Steamer can help enhance the curl in this situation.

8. Certain chemicals

Know that a relaxer will disrupt your curl pattern because that is its purpose. However, if not done properly and taken care of, permanent hair color can also have a negative effect on curl patterns. Even when applied correctly, hair color does damage the cuticle layer to an extent, which leads to dry, frizzy curls that are stretched out. Lightening your natural hair with bleach will absolutely affect the integrity and strength of your curls. If you still want color, it is important to take care of them with delicacy.

Have you noticed anything specific that disrupts your curl pattern?

What do you do to fix it? Leave a comment below.

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