Type Two hair has some of the biggest ranges from type A – C in the curl pattern of the hair, and it is often improperly cared for.  Most curlies don’t even realize that their Type 2 hair texture should be treated more like tighter patterns instead of straight hair leaving us with dried out frizzy hair, that probably gets the flat iron treatment next.

Well As a Type 2 Hair person myself, I am here to say while it can be frustrating to learn how to deal with this hair type, you can actually achieve beautiful natural waves with a little TLC and some product knowledge. If you need some inspiration to start learning to love and care for your type 2 locks, take a look at these lovely ladies who prove that wavy hair can be beautiful too!

1. reallifecurlygirl

Alyson has been showing her real curl journey on YouTube and Instagram. She shows how much Type 2 hair can fluctuate from day to day and based on what products you use.  Check her out if you’re looking for tips and reviews for embracing your naturally wavy hair!

2. curlykatmarie

For hair tips and tricks check out her YouTube channel.  She has been following the curly girl method since 2012, so she has some tried and true recommendations for those looking to embrace the CG lifestyle with Type 2 hair.

3. curlywavycaitlin

Her Instagram is dedicated to the trial and error experiences of her own curly journey and to show what type 2 hair can really become. Follow her journey on Instagram for all the ways she has perfected her hair regimen!

4. thewavynation

With helpful information on caring for wavy hair even when it’s short, you can find her favorite product recommendations and tips on styling your cropped wavy hair.

5. mycgjourney

To find quick reviews of products and her curly girl journey, follow her on Instagram. She has been on her journey for just about 1 year and has some awesome waves to prove it. If you’re not yet a believer in the CG method for type 2 hair, check her out for all of the hair #inspo.

Just because you don’t have ringlets doesn’t mean you can’t learn to love your own natural texture! With some effort and care, your Type 2 hair can be something you are proud of instead of wanting to straighten everyday!

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