Rodney Cutler

Rodney Cutler

Q: I have what appears to be “Type 3” wavy hair. Specifically, it has more wave on the right and crown (more “S” curl”>, and less on the left side and below the crown. Unfortunately, my mother also blessed me with three cowlicks: front right, crown and at the base of the neck. I have been through eight hairdressers in two years, and have yet to find someone who can cut my hair in a style that looks fashionable. I noticed that most hairdressers who have cut my hair do not appear to part the hair , they just cut. What style would you suggest and what products?

Cutler: My advice would be to flick through magazines to find some looks you like and think would be possible on your hair. I don’t know the length or thickness of your hair, but I would begin by sectioning your hair in its loose natural part. I would work with your natural texture to achieve maximum versatility. I recommend Cutler Curling Cream. It’s fantastic on medium to thick wavy/curly hair.

Q: I have 3b hair that is a little longer than the middle of my back. I like the curls, but my hair gets really frizzy when I wear it down so I almost always end up putting it in a bun. I would like to be able to wear my hair down more often without it getting so puffy. Do you have any suggestions?

Cutler: First, I would have long layers introduced to your hair to create balance and movement throughout. Next, shampoo and condition your hair, towel dry, and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle. Then apply Cutler Curling Cream from roots to ends. Twist both side sections loosely and then two sections at the back. Allow to dry naturally. Shake out and you have beautifully, defined, curly, frizz free hair.

Q: I had a wonderful summer with my curls. Unfortunately, now that it’s getting colder out with far less humidity, my curls are fewer and less defined. How do you cope with the change in weather? I don’t want to spend my whole winter season striving and failing to recreate what I had this summer. Changes in routine? Styling products?

Cutler: Use a medium round brush with natural boar bristles to smooth and give lift to the front sections of your part. Then finger dry the underneath by twisting large sections and have the dryer on low speed to achieve a softer wave. This is a great technique when it’s too cold to go out with damp hair.

Q: I get the best curls right before my hair is completely dry. When I fluff and scrunch the scrunch (what there is it”> my curls look great for about a nanosecond. Does anyone out there NOT scrunch? If you do scrunch, and your curl tends to lose definition and clumping, what do you do to retain it? I’ve been using a spray gel, but it’s not enough to give my curls hold and hair spray’s not an option. Maybe I’m asking for the impossible.

Cutler: I tend not to scrunch dry curly hair. I find it does become frizzy in places. What the hair needs most is moisture. By applying Cutler Curling Cream all over, it will rehydrate the hair, which will give more bounce and definition to your curls. Then you won’t feel the need to weigh your hair down with spray gel.

Q: I am in need of a hair color change! I never know what to do with color and am looking for some advice. I have dark brown hair and fair skin with dark features, so I can’t do anything too light. I want to do some kind of highlights or low lights, or whatever, but not necessarily all-over color. I’m also wanting something a little funky because I’ve had basic highlights and they never show up as much as I’d like.

Cutler: A fantastic look right now for you raven-haired beauties that would like something to brighten — but not too light or obvious — is to have some slices of color randomly placed throughout the mid-underneath your hair in light brown to caramel tones. This gives the look that it has been kissed by the sun and gives your hair a little more dimension.

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