June 22-July 22

Happy Birthday Cancer! It's your time to outshine everybody else and have the spotlight completely on you. But what will your hair and beauty say about who you are this month?

Don't wear your heart on your sleeve. Instead, rock your confidence.

Qualities You Possess

  • You are emotional. People around you know exactly what to say to trigger your constant mood swings.
  • Temptation is hard for you to resist. If it involves risk and uncertainty, you're diving in headfirst and not thinking about possible consequences.
  • You like to be involved. Whether it's a family function, work event, or special occasion--you enjoy being a part of the planning and execution process of important activities.

What does this mean?

One minute you'll be sharing a story with friends, laughing it up. The next minute, you'll see a dog commercial on TV and can't help but let the tears roll down your cheeks. Because of your unpredictable ups and downs, many people know what it takes to get to you. Keep this in mind if you want to try a new hairstyle one day; do not let their potential negative opinions get the best of you. If you think you look great, that's all that should matter.

Like mentioned above, you may feel like trying something new when it comes to your personal beauty or hair routine. If you've never tried a protective style but are interested this season, do it. See what works for you and what doesn't. Don't be afraid of failing. Rock your confidence.

This summer, we know you'll be extremely busy participating tons of events. Having a booked schedule means you'll have hardly any time to cater to your personal needs. Don't forget to keep a small emergency bag for travel-sized hair and beauty essentials since you will constantly be on the go. Keep some sunscreen, a curl refresher, mascara, bobby pins, and a Denman brush on hand at all times.

Based on your traits, you may find inspiration in these:

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