There's something in the air with Cher. Cher Horowitz, that is. The Clueless main character has been a hot topic in the fashion and culture news industry over the past few months from Think Progress and The Frisky to Refinery29 and The Daily Beast.  Perhaps the new obsession comes from the movies recent 18th anniversary, and that it takes about two decades for trends to come back around. 

From Cher's bold plaid looks to her cropped tops, that 90s glam style is back on the scene, and everyone seems to be partaking, our favorite of which is curly girl Charli XCX, the 20-year-old British pop singer who performed at SXSW with IconaPop and who was just recently signed to Stargate's Stellar Songs.

If you've yet to hear of the girl who is sure to become pop's next fierce warrior (let's stop with this princess business, already), her recent label signage is sure to change that in the future. But, labels don't much sign anyone without an already existing following, and a large one at that, and Charli has certainly proven her singing and songwriting chops. In fact, Icona Pop's biggest hit single "I Don't Care" was written by Charli herself. This year, that track officially knocked Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines off its four-week stronghold on the number one spot.

But does the up-and-comer regret giving away a potential hit?

“I don't regret giving it away,” she told NME. "[Icona Pop are] totally owning it. I sang it with them at South by Southwest, though, and it was this real girl power moment.”

As for Charli's fashion sense, she has credited The Virgin Suicides and Clueless as two of her biggest style inspirations, saying "I would love to raid Cher Horowitz's wardrobe." Unlike Cher, though, Charli keeps her hair a little bit more out of place.

While ELLE may call it "wild" and The Cut may call it "dirty," we call it fabulous, natural and curly. Looks like even Cher's style could use a bit of a modern update, this time around with hair that makes just as big of a statement as the duds she picks up at the mall will. And Charli XCX is embodying that mentality.

Check out her music video here to nab a look at her style, hair and obvious talent:

Photo Courtesy of Charli XCX Music