Girls with curls have lots of options when it comes to hairstyling. To go from gorgeous, voluminous curls to sleek and straight styles and back again, you need the right products and techniques for the best results. It’s especially important for every curly, coily and wavy to keep hair detangled and moisturized as part of the styling process. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find the right products to help you get a great style and ensure that your curls are properly moisturized and detangled.

Celebrity stylist Tippi Shorter demonstrates how to use Pantene Pro-V products to cleanse, detangle, moisturize and achieve different styles on a variety of curly hair textures. From start to finish, Pantene Pro-V products serve your curls, coils and waves keeping them well cared for and flawlessly styled! To find out how Shorter achieved each style, look out for more videos with tips this week on how to get the looks yourself and check out the Pantene Facebook page.

Pantene Pro-V How To’s

Curl-Friendly Products from Pantene Pro-V!

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