Professional hairstylist Lorraine Massey celebrates the curly girl way of life, from hair care to carefree attitude.

Curly gurls of the world unite! Sixty-five percent of women have naturally curly hair, but for too long too many of these women have either been at a loss on how to care for their hair properly or, worse, have gone through life pretending they have straight hair. No more. Lorraine Massey, a professional hairstylist and passionate proponent of curly hair, celebrates the curly gurl way of life, from hair care to carefree attitude.

Beginning with The Curly Gurl's Twelve-Step Program (Step Three: I will accept that the scalp and hair are two different entities with completely different needs, and I will treat them accordingly), "Curly Girl: The Handbook" is an illustrated how-to, support group and tongue-in-cheek manifesto all in one. There are tips on shampoo (never daily), conditioners (use lots), drying, combing (only when wet and well-conditioned), styling, getting the right cut, and how to Heal Thy Hair after years of strong detergents and damaging blow-dryers.

There are before-and-after photographs, Curly Cues, self-help tests, confessions from curly gurls, advice to take to your stylist. And for gurls seeking their inner curl, compassion and encouragement to let their hair break free-and to put the fear of frizz behind them forever. Because from now on there's no such thing as a bad hair day.




Constdm.... - 1/2 Gallon of water - 5 drops of pure (not synthetic) lavender essential oil - 3 empty spray bottles Bring water, in a large pot to a boil, then simmer for 1 hour to rid any impurities. Remove from heat, add lavender oil ,stir and cover. Let steep until cool, then pour in to bottles.

There are no words to express how much I LOVE this book. For literally 10 years I straighten/flat ironed my hair everyday. When I finally got sick of looking like EVERY OTHER girl(w/that tell tale breakage) and decided to go back to being curly I had no idea how to care for or style my hair. I now get SO many compliments and so much envious looks. I CAN NOT wait to get the sequel to this book! Lorraine ROCKS!

just read this book while getting at cut at DevaChan...does anyone have that recipe for the lavender spray? thanks!

This book completely explains how to care for every curly hair type. I found the book empowering because it embraces and celebrates curly hair, rather than trying to work against it. I've been using her tips for a few weeks and have noticed a significant improvement in my hair.

I have this book and gained loads of great ideas and even tried one or two of her homemade products. But found most ingredients hard to find and exspensive in small town of rural Tennessee.