This summer I'm using these products to tame frizz, keep my blonde from being brassy, and minimize brittle hair.

briogeo hair line

Briogeo is a Natural Hair Care Company that contain pure, premium and natural ingredients that help to enhance all hair textures. These products are always made in the USA and are at least 95% natural, containing no sulfates, parabens, silicones, or anything icky but do include blends of natural plant and fruit extracts, oils, antioxidants and vitamins to really have you notice a difference in your hair.

Being a product junkie who really likes more natural stuff and doesn't like sulfates or non water soluble silicones, I was super excited to give this line a try.

Something else I really appreciate about this company is that they are eco-friendly! All of their bottles contain at least 25% post consumer recycled plastics. And by the way, a little goes a long way with all these products so the bottles will last and they all smell INCREDIBLE- very fresh and delicious!!

- The treatment mask is now my newest obsession. Seriously- it's holy grail status!!

Be Gentle, Be Kind Cleansing Shampoo

The label says: "A sulfate-free cleanser for all hair types. Richly cleanse and refresh your scalp and hair with Be Gentle, Be Kind™ sulfate-free shampoo.  This award winning shampoo is fortified with green tea antioxidants, nourishing and shine-enhancing bamboo & palm extracts, soothing aloe, and vitamins B5 & E to give your hair the healthy boost needed to look its best.  Naturally-derived cleansers leave your hair soft, clean, and manageable.  Cleanse your hair with love -- Be Gentle, Be Kind."

I say: It had a little lather which is perfect.

Too much lather I associate with sulfates and it scares me. This shampoo left my hair feeling nice and clean, but not squeaky clean or stripped. It didn't leave my hair feeling dry but it had that feeling where I still needed to follow up with a good conditioner after. So to me this is nice, true shampoo product as opposed to a cleansing conditioner. I think it is a great alternative to more harsh, clarifying shampoos. I like to use it once a week to 2 weeks to really get rid of build-up. Bonus is I think using this helps my blonde become less brassy.

Blossom & Bloom Volumizing Conditioner

The label says: "Thickening and volumizing conditioner for fine to limp hair. Enhance your hair's volume and thickness with Blossom & Bloom™ conditioner.  This powerhouse conditioner is fortified with plumping collagen, thickening building-block vitamins B5 & biotin, hair follicle stimulating ginseng, and shine boosting argan & sweet almond oil.  Maltodextrin (yeah, sugar!) coats and separates each strand to increase the volume and fullness of the hair without sticky or stiff after effects.  Leave thin & limp hair behind as you Blossom & Bloom!

I say: Truth be told, I don't necessary look for or need products that promise me volume. However what attracted me to this conditioner was how so many ingredients in here are  great to feed my hair! I actually mixed this in with the Don't Despair, Repair Mask and I felt this product contributed to a crazy amount of shine! I think this conditioner would be wonderful for very fine and thin haired curlies (and all hair types) who get nervous about conditioners weighing their hair down. It did not feel heavy or thick at all, but still did a nice job conditioning. I wouldn't repurchase this and not because I think it is a bad product, but because I am in love with the mask and other conditioner from Briogeo that suit my hair a bit better.

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Diane Mary

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