It's the crowning achievement of a healthy head of curls: second-day hair. We all know the first step to healthier hair is to shampoo less, but what do you do when you wake up on the second (or third, or fourth) day and need to look fresh? Shannon, formerly known as one half of the best friend duo Those Girls Are Wild, just started her own YouTube channel ShannonTBoodram and we're so excited to see her new natural journey unfold. When Shannon started Those Girls Are Wild with her best friend Andrea, they never intended to be "curus" (curl gurus), but so many of their subscribers were reaching out for natural hair advice - and we can see why, check out Shannon's curls! 

We're wild about Shannon's curls too, so we're thrilled that she shared the second-day curly hair routine with us. A few flat twists and one of our favorite techniques, the scrunch, will get your second, third or even fourth day curls in shape!

To see the whole look styled from start to finish, and to hear more about Shannon's channel, watch her video!

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The myth that naturally curly or coily hair is unprofessional has long been banished. We teamed up with YouTube sisters NaturallyGG to show you that there are plenty of ways to wear your natural hair to work whether you're a nurse, like Amber, or an accountant, like Carissa. The NaturallyGG sisters started their channel with a bang when they both Big Chopped on YouTube, and have been sharing their natural hair journey with us ever since!

In this tutorial, Amber shared her go-to hairstyle for her nursing job, the Roll and Tuck. This style keeps her hair up and out of her face, as well as tucking the ends away so that it works as a protective style!

To see Amber and Carissa's looks styled from start to finish, and to hear more about  their channel, watch the video!

Wear your waves in halo braids this summer for a laid back hairstyle that will take you from the beach to a glam night out. No one has mastered that better than Californian megababe Jacquie from YouTube channel The Style Kittens. Jacquie is one half of the wavy blonde duo that believes every woman needs to feel sexy, confident, and like a Sex Kitten! She even designs her own jewelry, JNB Style, which we're totally loving in the office.

So when we needed a wavy haired expert to show us how to create the summer's most coveted hairstyle, we knew just who to call.

To see the whole look styled from start to finish, and to hear more about Jacquie's channel, watch the video!

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