beautiful curly hair

You have seen it before.

Two friends in a dressing room at Department Store X trying on their picks from the shopping floor. One friend says, “Hey! I’m ready. Come and see how this looks.” And the other rushes over for a quick dress inspection, followed by a sigh and a proclamation, “It looks great on you! I’m sure it would look nothing like that on me though.” Heck, you might have said it to a friend yourself.

Whether it was at Shoe Store X or Hair Salon X, women compare themselves to anything from the model on the latest cover of that popular magazine or another women walking down the street.

So we compare ourselves--whether it’s clothing, body shape, make-up looks, or hairstyles. We’ve done it for ages or even eons. While some comparison can lead to inspiration and motivation, constant comparisons can chew through our self-image and stifle us from trying anything new. With naturally curly hairstyles gaining popularity, this comparison theory has found a new subject to infest. 

Embrace your hair at every stage--style it and explore how versatile your looks can be at your current length.

The solution

The solution sounds simple because it is. The first step to stop comparing yourself. Whether the “experts” say short hair looks best on heart-shaped faces, or long-hair should be parted in the middle, stop comparing yourself in envy. It’s not worth the mental real estate. Chances are, the woman in the picture is staring at a picture of some look she thinks she can’t get. It’s up to you to put a stop to the cycle. Don’t let your pre-determined thoughts fuel the fear of a failed style. You’ll never know until you try! If you see a look you like, try it! Push that fear aside and give a new daring style a try. If it doesn't turn out the way it looked in your inspiration photo or video, embrace your own version.

The options are almost endless when it comes to styling curly hair. Versatility is your friend and even if you witness a failed style, chances are there are several different ways to achieve your desired look. You may even discover a look along the way that you like better!

Embrace Every Stage

Are you frustrated because your desired look requires longer hair? Give it some time. It’s been proven time and time again, anything worth having is worth the wait. I can personally say that I wish I had explored more styles when my hair was shorter, and have even thought about cutting my hair just to get a shorter style. Embrace your hair at every stage--style it and explore how versatile your looks can be at your current length.

At the end of the day, it’s not about getting someone else’s "look"

It’s all about feeling the best you possibly can with your styling choices. Embrace what you think looks best on you and go for it. Imagine a world where we all had the same hairstyle. There would be no room for individuality or uniqueness. The beauty of humanity is that we’re all created uniquely. Experiment and explore your styling options, and embrace the unique character of your curls.

This article was originally published in 2013 and has been revised for grammar and clarity.