I need to pump up my wavy hair and have more curls, what products can I use?

AG Foam Weightless Volumizer

Dear Curly Suzy: I have medium-length layered wavy hair. The bottom layers are curly, the crown has just a little wave....I want to pump up as much curl as I can...I do not blow dry, I scrunch, so looking for products that will help make my curls CURL...thank you!

Dear Heather: Here is a great product for that: AG Foam Weightless Volumizer. You can mix this with a LITTLE bit of Curlisto Bio Gel Mousse for some serious volume or use the AG product on its own.

One other tip is to scrunch with an old t-shirt or towel with no texture. Here is one that we sell, Curl Like Us Cloths, the instructional video is great to watch as well!

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1.) Blow dry your hair with a small amount of mousse. Use a round brush, start at the bottom section and work up using up and then over motions. 2.) Products with "Seed Oil" can do wonders to your frizzes! 3.) Simple is better. Try a little wax after blow drying. Take small pieces and piece the hairs around your face! 4.) Use low heat, and towel dry your hair really well after you get out of the shower. 5.) Buy bobby pins, you can do so many styles with them. Take a small section of hair in the front, then bring it back and pin on both sides.

I have 3B curls, but I can range anywhere from big waves to tight curls. To get my curls tighter, I use the plunking method!