CurlySuzy answers questions about discovering waves and curls

Dear CurlySuzy: I just recently realized that my fine medium blond hair is really Type 2 wavy. I have always wanted curly hair so I am elated. The problem is I have had such a difficult time styling it in the past that it kept getting shorter and shorter and now many layers with texture for volume. It looks awful and I don’t know how to style it! I know the growing will be difficult but could you give me a few hints on how to style it while it grows? Any help would be appreciated.

Dear Sylvia: Growing out curls and waves is a challenge. Here is a link to our picture gallery for some style ideas. This is a great place to get ideas for styling during the growing-out phase.

I will give you some product suggestions below that will help keep your hair moisturized. That is the key to being happy with your curls and waves. The more moisturized the curls and waves are, the less they will frizz. Don't worry; these products will not weigh your waves down. Also I will give you a link to one of our new bloggers who has wavy hair. Her articles are fun to read.

  • AG Re:coil Curl Activating Balm

    This is a curl cream that is very concentrated. Use a very small amount on wet hair and then scrunch it in. Air dry your hair or use a diffuser on your hair dryer. Your hair will dry with a glaze, so gently scrunch out the crunch for soft waves.

  • AG Foam Weightless Volumizer

    I really like this product as well. Follow the same same styling instructions as above.

  • DevaCurl B'Leave-In

    I like this leave-in conditioner, it is good for a light styler.

  • Kinky-Curly Knot Today
  • MOP Leave-In Conditioner

    These are great leave-in conditioners that are heavier than the one above. They are super for when you need extra frizz control and they will work well under curl cream or mousse.


I am 2c - almost a 3a. I can get Boticelli curls if I treat my hair right. I would almost be curly if not for one thing: I have THICK coarse hair. Now this is been determined when I blew it out straight for years and years and years. I also used to flat iron. I find that products with silicone, while they do contain frizz, are the worst for weighing my curls down. I have used many of these products with great luck, but Curly Suzy - can you address the co-wash situation with us thick-headed coarse, prone to oily scalp kind of wavies? I can NEVER get good second day hair, even when sleeping on a satin pillow case, unless I go back into the shower and rewet it. I've trained myself NOT to wash it, and when I do, I use Low Poo - but I need to wash at least every other day, and I need to wet my hair again to make it look good. Hence, why I use all water soluable products. I have spent all of my 45 years fighting my hair, and thanks to Lorraine Massey and CG and this website, I am learning so much about working WITH my hair, and I have had SO many compliments that people have asked me - when did you get a perm? after knowing me with mushroom head blown out straight kinky hair! There is a GOD, and it's called! Thank you - everybody! Now, to get my 17 year old daughter to love her hair (JUST like mine) and NOT flat iron and blow it every day or pull it back into a rat's nest ponytail!

I'm a type 2/b and I really like Jessicul Gelebration and Awe-Inspiriling spray for my curls. Gelebration gives me great curl definition without the crunchy wet look.