tucked french braid

The classic, chic tucked French Braid may take you a little while to perfect, but continue to practice and do not be afraid to vary slightly from the directions if your hair requires that!

You will need

  • Small elastic hair ties

  • Bobby pins

  • Hairspray

  • Patience (2 minutes)


  1. Start with detangled hair that will be relatively easily manipulated.

  2. Split all hair into three equal sections at your hairline

  3. Begin braiding by crossing the right piece over the middle, then the left over the middle

  4. As you continue to braid, add hair from each respective side into the braid. Try to do this so this loosely but not too messily. This takes finesse, but it will come with practice and patience.

  5. When you have reached the end of the braid, tie it with the small elastic hair tie.

  6. Tuck the end of the braid under the base of the braid and secure with bobby pins in an X formation

Two optional steps
If the look ends up too messy for your liking use hairspray and bobby pins to secure the loose hairs either behind your ear or in your braid. A dd bows or flowers to the middle or top of the braid.

Watch the video

Thanks to the talented Hair Romance for the inspiration!