Wavy updo

Let me be honest: I often complain that wavy hair is the most difficult and least versatile of all the textured hair types. I mean, I can't get second day hair to save my life, my hair LOVES silicones (which means co-washing is kind of out of the question) and I won't ever be able to get the tight coils my type 3c and type 4 sisters can get — even though they can use things like Curlformers to get my waves.

So much about the curly hair community just doesn't apply to a wavy, or at least to THIS wavy. I am envious of women with big curly or coily hair and those who can do bantu knot-outs without their hair being completely straightened in the process. I am so. jealous. of. you!

Of course, there are plenty of things that I love about being a wavy and plenty of tips in the natural hair community that DO apply to me and my type 2 friends. Possibly one of my favorite things about being a wavy is that my hair is light weight and generally not thick, but it can hold bobby pins and hair styles like the curliest of textures! In that vein, wavies have the best of the straight hair and the textured hair world.

My inability to get second day hair has made me a master craftswoman at creating second-day updo styles with bobby pins that I get compliments on all day, every day. So here it is, the wavy manifesto for using bobby pins and me showing you how to get a simple wavy hairstyle that works with your waves, not against them.

  1. This works best of second day hair, so be sure that your hair isn't clean. Begin by flipping all of your hair to one side and behind your ear, grab a section of hair from the front and simply start twisting it.
  2. Continue twisting across your forehead and down behind your other ear. Once finished, pull the rest of your hair into a low pony, making sure to keep the twist tight and in place so that it doesn't fall out.
  3. Twist the hair that you would put into the ponytail into a side bun. Pull out your box of bobby pins and instead of using a rubber band, start pinning down the bun. Be sure that the bobby pins are a color similar to your hair color and that you secure them tightly by crisscrossing them through the bun.
  4. For a more defined look than the one I achieved, try using a gel or edging product, I love Ampro, to make frizzies stay in place and clean your edges.

What is your favorite wavy hair second-day hairstyle?