All right; I have to give major props to Marcia Teixeira and my newfound appreciation for the Brazilian Keratin Treatment!  After receiving the treatment a few days ago, I have finally had the freedom of washing and styling my hair at home, so I chose to wear it curly today and am loving the beachy wave that I am left with!  My hair is completely transformed:  I am using very little leave-in conditioner (Tigi Curlesque) and have almost no frizz and extremely soft and shiny locks.

brazilian keratin treatment

Megan Dorcey wearing her frizz-free curls.

I know that there is a lot of controversy about why we post these stories and test these products when we are a curl-loving website.  Having options is a huge part of being a woman. I can speak only for myself and say that I change my mind daily on things from my taste in fashion, music, men, and of course, hair.  I don't feel guilty that I chose to loosen my curls and lose the frizz if I feel better for it!  There may be some confusion on what my texture would be after the treatment, so I think it is important that everyone see this photo of me taken today with my Austin Frizz Forecast at 86% humidity, and understand why I love this treatment.  I am still a curly and will always be, but I can't stress how much better I feel about myself and my hair after doing this!

brazilian keratin treatment

The back of Megan's still-curly hair.

I also want to advise anyone who wants to get this done to do their homework and find a great stylist who is educated on the product they administer.  Ron Valdez was recommended to me because he is the only one in this area who educates other stylists on the treatment.  I, of course, chose him and did my homework on the company.  Also, schedule a consult with the stylist a few days before receiving the treatment.  This way you know what you are getting yourself into and have time to think about it. I will keep you updated with pictures of my hair throughout my journey! Please leave comments and feel free to ask questions—I would love to help you in your hair journey!