One of the biggest challenges for those of us with natural wavy and looser curl patterns is learning how to enhance our curl definition.

There are several different techniques practiced by the community--read on for a few popular methods that you can try so that you can maximize your natural definition.

The best techniques for enhancing your natural curl definition

1. Scrunching

This method is a personal favorite method of mine. Scrunching the hair in an upwards direction while wet encourages incredible curl formation--I combine this with #2 below after the shower to define and enhance my own waves.

2. Ouidad Rake and Shake Technique
This signature styling method comes from one of the first curly salons and helps wavies and curlies achieve perfectly defined curls by raking product through in small sections and shaking at the ends. The best part of this technique: you can control the amount of definition and volume based on how big or small sections you make.
3. Plopping
Also called plunking, plopping with wet hair squishes the curls in place in an accordion-like motion while holding in a towel. You plop after applying styling products to give you more defined and frizz-free results.
4. Scrunch-n-Plump
If you want clumped curls, this technique takes scrunching up a notch by continuing to scrunch for precisely 8 times per section while your hands are coated with gel. Scrunch-n-plumping tends to achieve more clumps than original scrunching does.
5. Skip Curl
Created by Curl Keeper creator Jonathan Torch, this method is achieved by twisting small pieces around your finger. For even more definition, you can manipulate your curls with a styler.
6. Squish to Condish
Developed by a CurlTalk veteran, Melissa Stites, this technique helps to maintain hydration, which results in more defined, frizz-free wavy and curly hair.

Have you tried any of these curl-defining techniques before?

Did we miss one? Share in the comments section below!

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