We all see the red-carpet updos and yearn for the ability to achieve this look without the time and cost that the celebrity population is subject to.  What options are women everywhere left with?  Until now, there wasn’t a single tool that someone could use to achieve an entire look.  Most updos require an array of bobby pins, barrettes, clips, and anything else that you can cram in there.

goody spin pin

Goody Spin Pin

Goody has just launched their new Simple Styles collection, which solves many hairstyling dilemmas.  The collection consists of four tools, each designed to provide a different look.  We have passed these tools around the office and the Spin Pin has quickly become the favorite for everyone from our straight-locked employees to those of us with thick and unruly curls.  The Modern Updo Pin is also something that we have been hoarding at our desks because they help us achieve an effortless updo, as well as a messy looking alternative for the everyday.

I think it is safe to say that we are all fed up with promises from do-it-yourself accessories that result in sore arms, sore necks, and a bad attitude after realizing that it truly cannot be done yourself.  The Simple Styles Collection has given us a reason to renew our faith in accessories, so much so that we have dedicated a whole page to it!  Show us your Simple Styles and you could win an entire Simple Styles Collection! 

Check out this video for info about how to use Goody’s Modern Updo Pin.

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