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Dear Ouidad:

Until recently I wasn't paying much attention to the ingredients in my hair products (bad, I know!) but now that I'm cutting silicones out of my hair's diet, I've noticed my strands are looking a little dull. I'm missing the glossy shine that products with silicones gave my curls and I've even considered going back.

What can I do to get back my shine? Are there certain ingredients or techniques that will help give me that glossy look without the negative effects?


This is a very good question! I believe that silicones such as dimethicone are best used in small doses, and when used in moderation, don't put your curls at risk. So you can absolutely add a little back to your hair diet! Silicones create a barrier between your hair and the elements; so in a way strands are protected from frizz, humidity and precipitation.

To help regain hair health and shine, it is important to include a monthly deep treatment in your monthly regimen. I recommend our 12-minute Deep Treatment to feed curls with a combination of essential amino acids and proteins.

In addition, your curls should be rinsed with a clarifying shampoo such as my Ouidad Water Works shampoo at least once every 2-3 weeks to help remove residue from your daily product regimen leaving curls refreshed. We've worked hard to formulate a shampoo that can gently remove build-up without stripping your curls of moisture. 

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