We have been loving all of the short haircut inspiration in our feeds lately (our own Social Media Manager Evelyn is rocking a purple tapered cut herself”> and we know that when you have short hair, you have special styling needs. We get a lot of questions from our short haired community members, so we enlisted the help of curly hair stylist and salon owner Evan Joseph to weigh in with his expert opinion. NaturallyCurly community member Erin.Whitse just posted this question for us, here is what Evan had to say. 


I recently cut my hair into a tapered TWA. It’s not quite long enough to two-strand twist so I rely on products that bring out my natural curl definition. Upon initial research, I saw my TWA natural using ECO styling gel so I started trying it out on my hair. It works well at defining my curls and providing hold but I don’t like the flakiness, crunch, and stiffness it leaves behind. Also, I live in an area where the air can be pretty dry and it affects my already moisture resistant hair. I’m looking for styling products for my TWA that will also help add and keep my hair moisturized.

Styling creams will certainly offer lots of definition and hydration to a short curly haircut. Just make sure it is silicone-free.

Evan’s Answer:

Styling creams will certainly offer lots of definition and hydration! Just make sure you are using a Cream Styler that is silicone-free. The key to getting definition is more about how wet your hair is when you add your product. I recommend:

  • Add a generous amount of styler to your hair when it is dripping wet, immediately after rinsing your conditioner.
  • Once you have stepped out of the shower with hair divided into quads–from ear to ear and from the middle of your forehead down to the nape of your neck. Clip the sections up and away (if the sections are long enough”>. Starting with the sections in the back, take one-inch sections.
  • Spray each section with water before adding styler. Work your way upward section by section until you reach the top of your head.
  • Do the same in the front two sections working from the ear up to your part. Glaze styler over the surface of your hair, lightly blot with a microfiber towel when finished (just enough to stop any dripping”>, and let it dry completely before touching.
  • Loosen up with finger at the scalp once dry.  

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