With the current harsh winter weather in full swing, it is important to make sure that my fine, type 2 wavy hair stays moisturized and healthy. 

I recently got to try out Carol’s Daughter's new Pracaxi Nectar product line to see how it could save my curls through the driest weather my winter could throw at me. The ingredient that is this line's name sake is Pracaxi seed oil. This oil comes from the Pracaxi tree that is found in Brazil and is used to help promote hydration in skin and hair and helps with cellular renewal.  

I was able to try out their Wash n Go Leave-In and their Style Control Gel together so that my hair was finally able to find some peace from the harsh elements.

Wash n Go Leave-In

  • First impression: This product is best described as a hair cream/leave-in conditioner mix. Carol’s Daughter’s website states that this product brings long-lasting moisture and shiny definition that helps to soften and moisturize hair adding bounce and a boost of shine.  

How I cocktailed it

I added this product in right after I got out of the shower on soaking wet hair, scrunching it in. Right away I was shocked by the softness I felt as soon as the product smoothed over my hair.

At first I was unsure if it was only going to be an effective leave-in and that an an additional cream would be needed to help with curl definition, but that was not true. I found that my wavy hair that was conditioned and protected, and I was able to apply a strong-hold gel without losing all of the moisture I had just gained.


I only needed a quarter-sized amount to provide good slip through my hair and curl definition. However, I find any more product than that could cause my hair to be slightly weighed down. For wavies and curlies with finer hair, I would say that less product is more--start small and work up if you feel like your hair needs more.

Style Control Gel

  • First impression: This gel is what I would consider a medium hold gel. Carol’s Daughter’s website describes this gel as gel control with extra conditioning care, this styling gel keeps styles touchably soft and beautifully locked in place without any dusty or flaky residue.

How I cocktailed it

I used the gel after I had put in the Wash n Go Leave-In, scrunching it in on top. I was pleased to find they worked well together, leaving no flakes or dryness as they worked together on my hair. Once the product was completely scrunched in, I blow dried on low and warm temperature settings. I found that it left my hair with a very minor gel cast and incredibly soft, defined curls.


I found that with this product I needed about two quarter sized squeezes to completely cover my hair.  The feel of this gel is thicker, like a harder hold gel, but it leaves your hair feeling super moisturized and very soft.  For those who do not like any sort of gel cast in their hair this is a wonderful option. I was surprised to find that even without the gel cast that I am used to it was still able to hold my hair for a full day of curls.

Final review

After trying out both of these products I was super impressed with the ability of the products to give good curl definition and hold throughout the day. This line is able to moisturize without weighing down hair and I would definitely recommend it for those who are looking to add some moisture to their routine.

Have you tried this line before?

I'd love to know what your first impressions were, share them in the comments below!

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