For 19 years I straightened my waves and thought that it always looked more professional as well as attractive. If I wore my waves during those years, it typically meant that I was feeling lazy that morning and didn’t feel like doing my hair. Because I was straightening all of the time, when I did wear my hair wavy, it didn’t look spectacular and I didn’t really know how to style it. I just did a wash and go and the rest of the day didn’t feel confident about how my hair looked.


On one spring day in 2009 I decided to go to a job and internship fair that was being held at The University of Texas. At the end of my day there I met the team from and 2 weeks later I had an internship.

When NaturallyCurly met me at the job fair, my hair was straight. When I walked into the office on my first day of work, it was wavy. I decided that if I was going to work at a company called NaturallyCurly, I needed to embrace my natural look and learn ways to work with my hair.

As soon as NaturallyCurly figured out that I could write, and that I enjoyed doing it, they put me to work and had me do product reviews as well as different articles about waves. Since I am one of the only wavies in the office, I knew that I could help broaden our wavy community as well as find more products that are wavy friendly. All of this meant that I had to embrace my waves full force and not look back.

Six months later I know more about my waves than I ever have. Over the last few months I have noticed my waves actually turning into curls because I am using products that are great for my hair and I rarely straighten my wonderful waves.

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