vintage pin curls
Vintage hair and fashion will always be in. Achieving classic glam pin curls is easier to achieve than you may think. They bring us back to the basics, when a set of bobby pins, some water and a few roller were all the styling tools a girl had...and needed!
Celebrity stylist and salon owner Danny Jelaca says: "The best way to achieve this look on your own is by using the old fashioned form of pin curling. To start off this look make sure your hair is blown out completely dry and then make a nice deep part on either side of the head for a dramatic look. Next, apply a styling mousse or spray all over- this will allow the hair to crimp and hold easily."

creating vintage curls

1. Apply a mousse or light gel to your hair like Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll.

2. Take small 1-2 inch sections each and rolling them loosely around your thumb, making a loop, working up towards your scalp.

3. Set the curl with 1-2 bobby pins against your head/scalp. Continue to make more pin curls like this on the bottom and sides of your hair. 

vintage curls

4. Set hair in large rollers, 1-inch sections for the top sections of hair (or wherever your hair needs more volume), 5. Blow dry until hair is about 70-80% dry with a 
diffuser 6. Spray hair with a light alcohol-free mist like Ampro Clear Ice Thermal Spritz.

ampro clear ice thermal spritz

7. Remove the curlers when hair is completely dry. For a tousled look, use a paddle brush or fingers to fluff and separate curls. Try not to play with your hair too much (this will cause frizz).

8. Move some hair over to a side (depending on its length) and use a rhinestone bobby pin to hold it just behind the ear. If your hair is shorter, use a shiny headband (think Great Gatsby: rhinestones, feathers, glitter) to push hair away from your face. Use a large curling wand to finish off or shape some pieces around your face or any ends that appear to be out of place.

vintage curls pin

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