It all started with the bright idea to bleach my hair platinum blonde. That was fun for a little while, until my hair began to feel more like straw than hair, and with repeated touch ups and toner my curls began to lose their shape and bounce. Though the damage wasn't immediately noticeable to the eye, my hair was so brittle that I didn't even want to touch it, and the breakage was getting out of hand. So I bid farewell to the blonde, tried out purple just for fun, then went back to brown and resolved to start showing my hair some much needed TLC.

I knew my curls weren't going to come back overnight, so I opted for a treatment that I could do over time. The Design Essentials Quinoa & Bamboo Hair Repair Collection promises stronger hair in four treatments, so I used it once a week for a month and filmed the process as I went.

After the second treatment the bottom layer of my hair was beginning to look like its old curly self, and after the third use the back was looking much shinier and more defined. I had some stubborn pieces framing my face that still were only forming loose waves, probably due to heat damage and exposure to the elements, but by the fourth treatment my hair looked noticeably healthier and bouncier. For a full demonstration, watch the video.

Watch the Video

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