Lorde is the international pop-star we’ve all been waiting for. She has a strong sense of self, a no-selfies policy unlike most of her peers, is a critical thinker (have you heard what she has to say about hip hop”> and she does it all with little to no makeup and naturally curly hair. For those of you with looser, naturally curly hair (think Type 2 to Type 3″> and straight hair, getting her curls for yourself isn’t too difficult a task.

QUIZ: What’s Your Curl Pattern?

All you need is a curling wand, rose or coconut oil and hairspray. The curls will stay longer as well if your hair hasn’t been washed within the past day. And, for those of you with tighter curl patterns, if you sleep on your natural curl (without pineappling“> for a night, it will help to loosen your curl a bit to get Lorde’s look.

The beauty to Lorde’s curls is that they are indeed natural. When it comes to naturally curly hair, rarely are two curls identical. This is good news if you are trying to recreate her look though because this means that when it comes to her style, there are no real mess-ups.

A conical curling wand will create curls that are not identical (thanks to the disproportionate diameter of the wand”>. Also, don’t fight your frizz. If you look at Lorde’s photos for inspiration you’ll find that her hair is never perfect, so a bit of frizz will help give you that edgy, cool look we’re going for. Just be sure to apply oil after you use the wand.

Get the Look

  • Step one: Apply a heat protectant spray to all of your hair and turn the curling wand on to its lowest setting.
  • Step two: Grab small sections of hair as they naturally part and loosely wrap the strand around the wand, from top to bottom, and hold for five to 10 seconds. 
  • Step three: Continue around your head until you obtain the look you want. 
  • Step four: When finished, flip your head over and with your hands, loosely shake out the curls to release them. This step is a MUST.
  • Step five: Add a dime-sized amount of rose oil or coconut oil to hydrate the hair. Hairspray if needed for extra hold.
  • Step six: Create a deep side part and push hair back and away from the face. 
  • Step seven: Spot treat any loose or misshapen curls by twirling them around your finger. 

It really is that simple! If you have particularly straight hair, you will need to curl more strands of hair to get Lorde’s look and apply a light mist of hairspray all over your hair before and after curling it.

For those blessed with naturally curly hair, use the curling wand only to touch up any flat or misshapen curls. Always remember to use the lowest heat setting so as not to damage your hair, and apply oil at the end to loosen the curl to a more natural shape as well as lock in moisture.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram

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