Oh, that dreaded hair dent.

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Whether your ponytail, sleeping weird, your hat, or incorrect product application caused it, a major issue for disturbing our curl pattern can be the unsightly, unwanted hair dent. The easiest (and perhaps, most obvious) way to get rid of them might by re-washing and re-styling our hair while it is wet, but we do not always want to put that time and effort in, especially if we have recently washed our hair. The good news: there are a few products and tricks that can help prevent and fix hair dents.


I mention the Q-Redew a lot because I absolutely love it--the portable hair steamer works like magic. It makes post work-out ponytail dents disappear, and pairing it with a product like DevaCurl Set It Free Spray helps it better eliminate frizz. First, I spray my hair, then once I fill the reservoir with filtered water, I aim the tool at the dent, pull the trigger, and allow the steam to work. Then, I will usually finger coil--or gently rake--the section with my fingers while the steam is hitting it to make the dent go bye-bye.


99% of the time you will see one of these on my wrist and the 1% is because it is holding my hair back. In my honest opinion, these are the best hair ties a curly can buy--they are shaped like an old telephone wire to hold hair back without kinking or denting it. They also do not cause tension headaches that some curlies experience when tying their hair back with an elastic. If you are not using these and often get ponytail dents, try this one out and see if you notice a difference.

A refresher spray

Sometimes, a refresher spray will revive droopy curls and get rid of a dent just fine. Spray your hair thoroughly, re-scrunching the hair to bring back to its original shape. If scrunching does not seem to be working, do a quick two-strand twist or pin curl. Leave them in for up to 10 minutes before taking them down. My favorite refresher sprays are DevaCurl Mist-er Right, Ouidad Botanical Boost, and Jane Carter Solution Curls to Go Mist Me Over Hair Hydrator.

A satin-lined cap

If you’ve been wearing hats all Winter to stay warm but see a “hat dent” when you take them off, don’t despair because there is still hope. I like the SLAP from Grace Eleyae because it keeps me warm without disrupting my curl definition. Some curlies even like to sleep in these to preserve their curls.

Don't tie your hair back when it's wet

Our hair is most manipulative when wet so this is a surefire way to add a dent in the hair because it will dry around the ponytail holder. If you can help it, wait until your hair is dry; if you must get your wet hair off your face, I suggest clipping it back in a 'cinnamon bun.' The hair will still dry, but instead, it should take the shape of softer waves instead of curls with a dent in the middle.

How do you avoid a ponytail dent?

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