Curly hair routines require quite an effort, so it’s no wonder you want to take all the necessary steps to guarantee great wash-day results. It can be quite confusing to decide what temperature you should wash your natural crown. Many believe that washing hair with cold water is always the best option for curly hair, but parts of this belief come from myths.

Let’s first dive into common myths surrounding washing hair with cold water:

1. Cold water is a great cleanser

Many claim that cold water is an excellent detoxifier as it successfully remove dirt, debris, and excess oil from your scalp. This is not true. The truth is that it is more difficult for cold water to remove dirt and excess oils from your strands. The higher the temperature of water, the faster water molecules will move around. Consequently, the dirt on your strand will dissolve. Here is where the magic starts: the high temperature will bond the water and your shampoo/cleanser, as well as the dirt and your shampoo/cleanser. This will prevent the dirt from re-attaching to your strands.

2. Cold water combats frizz

Curlies tend to believe that cold water helps prevent frizz, because cold water closes the cuticles of your strands. As a result, moisture would not leave the strands. However, in fact, cold water does not close the cuticles. But your hair products do! Moreover, weather circumstances and your hair porosity are real contributors to frizzy hair. Hence, washing your hair with cold hair will not necessarily give you a frizz-free week.

So are there any benefits of washing the hair with cold water?

Yes. On the other hand, there are plus sides to washing with cold water. Hot water elevates the cuticle of your strands. As a consequence, moisture leaves the strands quickly. As a result, your hair can look dry. Too much hot water will cause the hair to lose its strength in the long run. Since cold water doesn’t elevate the cuticles as much, washing with cold air will help you retain some moisture and strength.

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