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With many other naturals talking about investing in pricey, elite brushes, some wavies are left wondering what the hype is all about. They just don’t get it, especially since brushing seems to leave wavy hair looking poofy. If this is you, you’re not alone! Many wavies prefer to detangle in the shower and just scrunch-and-pump for defined curls or to leave it alone for the best possible defined waves.

Why Wavies Don’t Brush

Like many curlies, some wavies get frizz if they attempt to brush dry hair. It doesn’t look exactly like their type 3 curly counterparts, but it’s still puffy. Brushing wavy hair tends to produce the look of brushing out braids, which generally looks like you have static cling in the hair. CurlTalk user Plunkybug was brave enough to give a very good step-by-step picture tutorial of what happens when waves meet a brush. Check out her pictures because we know you can relate!

So if wavies don’t brush, what DO they do?

Wavy Solutions

Many wavies have found that detangling in the shower followed by a lightweight leave-in afterward is a good combination. Some wavies prefer to emphasize their curls by scrunching the hair, resulting in curly-look-a-likes. Other wavies going for a straight look can usually just brush their hair straight while still damp and coat it with a leave-in (this might take several good brushings”>, and then let it air dry for a sleek finish. So what are some good products for wavies?

  1. A quality vented brush with rubber tines. If you do decide to brush, You’ll also want to use a good detangler, like a wide-toothed comb, or you can detangle with your fingers. If you choose to detangle with your fingers, be sure to apply some type of leave-in first; otherwise, your damp hair will be susceptible to breakage.
  2. Use products that lock in waves without weighing hair down. To cleanse the hair, try Mop Top’s Gentle Shampoo. This lightweight, sulfate-free shampoo is great for dry and frizzy hair. It also hydrates your waves and tames them. The added moisture helps prevent breakage, leaving your hair soft and manageable. After washing, you might enjoy DevaCurl’s One Condition, which adds even more hydration without leaving behind residue. Plus, this conditioner is so gentle on your hair you can use it daily! Follow this simple regimen up with Jessicurl’s Gelebration Spray, which even comes in a couple of different scents or without fragrance. This spray is specially made for fine-haired curlies, which makes it work well on wavies. It’s also excellent to use when scrunching your hair. You’ll have the defined waves you’re after but without the “crunchy” look of most hairsprays and gels.
  3. Many wavies have success with clipping, a method that involves sectioning parts of your hair off with clips while it’s wet, then letting it dry before removing the clips. This produces more volume at the roots where some wavies tend to have hair that’s somewhat straight. Another good tip for wavies is to do bantu knots and let it out the next day. This results in GORGEOUS curls. Be sure to turn your head upside down and gently shake it out as soon as you take the knots out. One of the best parts of doing this is that after a couple of days, the waves actually look better than they do the first day! 
Tasha Swearingen

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