Just like all other heads of curly hair, we need to add moisture to ensure the best definition. That’s why I am constantly on the search for a good deep conditioner. When I tried out Every Strands Shea and Coconut Deep Moisture Masque (at Sally Beauty) I was both nervous and excited. For me, shea butter is often a no-go when it comes to hair products; but my hair loves coconut oil, so I wanted to tried it. 

When caring for my naturally wavy hair, the last thing I'm looking to do is weigh them down with heavy moisturizers.

What this masque is made of:

  1. Shea Butter absorbs quickly, hydrates and refreshes dry hair, and repairs damage

  2. Coconut Oil strengthens hair, increases manageability, adds body and shine

  3. Essential facts- no parabens, no sulfates, no DEA

My first impressions (and how I applied it)

When I first opened the package the first thing I noticed was a very nice floral coconut scent.

I ran it through my soaking wet hair and noticed a really nice slip to the product. It wasn't just running through my hair, but instead really staying on my strands and coating them. I let it sit in my hair for 5 minutes while I was in the shower, then rinsed it fully out. After rinsing out the masque, my hair instantly became moisturized and more manageable.

My problem in the past with masques

While I have used many masques that are able to leave your hair feeling pretty nice after the shower, the problems usually come once it’s time to style after deep conditioning. This time, I applied my normal products after my shower and diffused as normal. I noticed a wonderful surprise--my hair was not weighed down in the slightest but instead had great definition and was incredibly soft.

For the rest of the day, I caught myself touching my curls and noticing how soft even my ends felt. I also saw little to no frizz I had forming throughout the day, thanks to the Every Strands.

Surprise! It's a clarifying shampoo, too

The next use I found for this product was using it prior to doing a clarifying shampoo. Since I am prone to build-up, I tend to do this about once a month. But because leaves my hair feeling like straw, I like to deep condition beforehand to protect some of my scalp's natural oils. Once again, I let the Every Strands sit in my hair for 5 minutes and followed with a clarifying shampoo. While doing this still stripped my hair--as is my intention--my hair was less frizzy afterwards and didn’t feel as much like straw as it normally does after clarifying.

Did this masque work?

I really enjoyed this masque. I felt like it was able to give me everything that I am looking for in my deep conditioning without making my hair look weighed down when styling.

What do you look for in your deep conditioners?