If you’ve hung out with naturally curly girls for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard of girls who co-wash. This is a great way to care for naturally curly hair – as long as your hair appreciates it.

For women with wavy hair, however, it’s often a different story. Many wavies, especially those with thin hair, can’t just simply accept the no-poo, low-poo and co-washing methods. Instead, they have to do a complete wash every day. If this is you, you’re in good company!

Sacred Shampoos

For many wavies, shampoo is an absolute must since dirt and oil can build up and weigh down their hair. For these wavies, co-washing can actually leave a lot of product behind. The result is limp and lifeless waves coated in product build up.

Additionally, while sulfate-free shampoos are all the rage among naturally curly girls, wavies find them to be a total nightmare as they do not completely cleanse the hair and scalp. Because of this, many wavies must shampoo daily — or at the bare minimum, every other day.

Shampooing Daily

In order to shampoo daily without damaging your hair, you need to use a mild shampoo. It doesn’t have to be sulfate-free if that doesn’t work for you, but don’t use anything too heavy or dense. Instead, try something light like Jessicurl’s Gentle Lather Shampoo. Unlike most clarifying shampoos, which can dry out your hair, this gentle poo will leave your hair moistened without weighing it down. Bonus: you can even use it as a face and body wash!

Wavy Options

If you’re a wavy who wants to have some fun taking care of your hair the way you read about online, try adjusting the products for your hair type. Instead of sticking with one type of shampoo that might be good for you, but that seems too harsh for constant use, you could rotate the days you use it. Some wavies and curlies choose to use a clarifier once a week and a low-poo the rest of the time.

In the end, you may just find that you have to stick with a gentle shampoo, and use it daily to avoid product build up and grease.

Tasha Swearingen


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