Curlier than waves, but not quite curly ringlets, Type 2C hair can be tricky to pin down. Many naturally wavy haired women also manipulate their curls using curling wands or flat irons, making it even harder to find hair twins on YouTube. As a Type 2c wavy myself, I've done my fair share of searching for undercover wavies. But here's one YouTuber who wears her wavy curls loud and proud, Irina of the YouTube channel TheLovelyNis. Lucky for us she shared her full wash and go routine and all of her must-have products.

What she used

And if you're wondering what her lip color is (we were too) it is Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Milkshake with MAC's Lip Pencils in Chicory and Stone in the outer corners.


Step 1 Cleanse

Irina uses the Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Shampoo because she finds that it is really hydrating for her hair. She generously applies the shampoo to her hair, creating a good lather. Next is a unique step that I haven't seen other curlies do, Irina piles her hair on top of her head with shampoo still in it and leaves it in for a few minutes while she brushes her teeth before rinsing it out completely.

Step 2 Cocktail conditioners

It is extremely common for curlies to cocktail and mix products together to achieve the results they're looking for. Irina mixes the Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Conditioner (because she likes the smell) with the TRESemme Moisture Rich Luxurious Moisture Conditioner, for its moisturizing properties. She applies this throughout her hair and then uses a wide tooth comb to distribute the product and remove all tangles and knots. Then she allows the conditioners to sit in her hair for 3-5 minutes while she finishes her shower routine.

Step 3 Deep condition

Once a month Irina uses the It's a 10 Miracle Hair Mask to give her hair a deep moisturizing treatment. You can leave this in for 15-30 minutes before rinsing, depending on what your hair needs.

Step 4 Plop

Once out of the shower, Irina puts her hair up in a towel to allow it to partially dry while she starts her morning routine. We like to use a t-shirt or microfiber towel to plop for this step.

Step 5 Detangle and style

Irina uses the Johnson's No More Tangles Detangling Spray to detangle her hair once more and as a lighthold styler when she is only going to wear her hair curly on the first day. It does not give her product buildup so that she can apply it every day when wearing her hair up. The downside is that it does not provide enough hold for 2nd and 3rd day hair. For curls that last past the first day, Irina uses Marc Anthony True Professionals Curl Styling Cream which has a tackier consistency and provides more hold. She scrunches the product from her ends up towards her roots. This will really help to create more curls if you have naturally wavy hair.

Step 6 Air dry

While air drying, Irina scrunches her hair every now and then to encourage the curls to form and to create plenty of volume.

Watch the video

Check out more of Irina's video tutorials on her YouTube channel TheLovelyNIS and on her blog!

Do you have Type 2c waves similar to Irina's? Does this differ from your routine?

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