No one likes the thought of heat damage, but sometimes a time restraint or cold weather calls for blow drying and diffusing. Is the DevaFuser a safer route?

Confession: I hate blow drying my hair.

Oftentimes when I blow dry my hair, I'm left with unwanted frizz and volume, and it just does not look as nice as when I air dry. Since air drying takes a long time, blow drying usually reduces the time to no more than 1 hour. Although I do not like the thought of heat damage, sometimes a time restraint or cold weather might mean a girl has got to blow dry.

Recently, I received the DevaCurl DevaDryer and DevaFuser. I actually had the original DevaFuser and when blow drying, I liked it better than any other diffuser, but sadly I had difficulty keeping it attached to my old blow dryer. Now that I have the updated model of the DevaFuser as well as Deva’s dryer, I was excited to see if this would change my mind on blow drying.

What DevaCurl says about the dryer

“If you want a quick way to give your waves and curls more shape and bounce while reducing frizz, than this is the tool for you! The innovative, hand-shaped DevaFuser delivers 360-degree airflow to completely surround curls - even at the root which speeds up the drying process. The patented ergonomic design enhances your natural curls or waves, while creating body and lift due to easy positioning at the crown. Curls look beautifully defined and frizz-free due the gentle drying of the DevaDryer & DevaFuser combination.”

  • Professional 1600 Watt / AC Motor

  • Ionic Technology

  • Patented DevaFuser

  • Concentrator Nozzle

  • 3 Temperature Settings

  • Cool Shot Button

  • 2 Speed Settings

  • Protective Cord Strain Relief

  • Easy Storage Cord Wrap

  • Balanced Lightweight Design

First impression

The diffuser is certainly a unique shape. It is shaped like a hand, to help scrunch as it dries and there are air holes all around to help make hair dry faster. It didn’t significantly cut down my blow drying time, maybe by a few minutes, but nothing too life-altering as far as the length of blow drying time. However, the other effects I notice when using this dryer and diffuser make it so worth it for me.

How I safely blow dry my wavy hair

  • When diffusing, I alternate my head straight up and to each side. I do not flip my head when diffusing as I do not want to add volume.

  • Before diffusing I plop first so that my waves can air dry as much as possible; this will minimize the amount of time my hair is hit with heat.

  • I avoid hitting the ends of my hair with the blow dryer as much as possible since this section is the oldest--and most fragile.

  • Most of the time I use the highest heat setting so that my hair dries as fast as possible. However, I always finish by pressing the cool shot button to help close the cuticle of the air. This helps hair remain smoother, with less frizz.

  • I apply a heat protectant before I begin blow drying, layering it on top of my regular styling products. Then I apply a drop or two of an oil or serum (DevaCurl MirrorCurls is a favorite) to give back a little shine the dryer may have taken away.

  • Use extra deep conditioner! I keep stressing my fear of heat damage. My hair is so easily damage prone and very dry so since heat does rob moisture from hair, and since I diffuse my hair most in Winter when the air also robs my hair of moisture, using deep conditioning treatments is ESPECIALLY critical. The SheaMoisture High Porosity Moisture Seal Masque is a favorite of mine.

Final review

This dryer and diffuser combo really helps to nicely define my curl pattern without leaving behind unwanted volume or frizz! Some curlies do love their volume, and I think the with right technique you can probably achieve it, but I personally do not like when my hair expands too much. The dryer and diffuser prevented this while drying my curls. My hair felt soft and touchable after blow drying. When used properly and with a heat protectant, this dryer does not seem to cause a ton of heat damage that other dryers might. (If you are in search of a good one, two of my favorites are Briogeo Rosarco Blow Dry Perfecting Crème and Original Moxie Heat Wave Reparative Blow Dry Crème--both contain ingredients that treat my hair as well as protect it.)

To conclude, I really like that the DevaDryer and DevaFuser can give me great, defined, frizz free hair when I need to blow dry and I like that it doesn’t seem to damage my hair the way other dryers have in the past.

Note: This post was not sponsored or endorsed by DevaCurl.

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